About Us

Village Grown Organic® is a complete “SEED TO TABLE” Company offering outstanding 100% USDA ORGANIC Frozen Fruits and Vegetables. Our farms grow, and our facilities pack and ship, 100% certified IQF Frozen 100% USDA ORGANIC fruit and vegetables.

We offer 20 SKU’s of 100% USDA Organic (IQF) Frozen Vegetables and Fruit. The single biggest difference between VGO and our primary competitors is that we grow these vegetables on our own farms and we pack these vegetables in our own facilities. Our quality, price and packaging is the best available in the market because we do it all ourselves and there are no middlemen.

We are completely transparent company and we have our own farms, facilities and distribution. That means we are a true “Seed to Table” organic supplier. We have 5,000 acres that have been organic since the mid 1980’s.

Our farms and facilities are inspected and receive the best world class third party food safety certifications according to the World Food Safety Initiative and our industry professionals. We are 100% USDA Organic Certified, we have 3rd party audits done by British Retail Consortium, and we have HACCP and GlobalGap accreditations. We have complete traceability! Because we own our own farms, we can go from farm…to grid…to row…to actual seed for any traceability issues.

  • Food is not only for sustenance. Food is for the body, for the mind and for the soul. Please eat healthy and enjoy the choices that only you can choose to make!